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OFFER 1 - KembleFOUR BONANZA SHARES in your own PUP 150 at just £1,745!
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OFFER 2 - North WealdSHARES available in your own PUP 150 for just £1,555!
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Super-Group Forming

Your invitation to join us for super low cost flying!

SkysportUK is currently reforming its operating structure to that of a Super-Group whereby respective owners can have free access to each others aircraft at super low cost without the need to purchase a share in each aeroplane. Just the job, when your aircraft is on maintenance; is being used by a fellow group member or you all want a two aircraft trip!

Or to put it another way - Buy One & Get Two FREE!

Our aeroplanes are the SkysportUK fleet aircraft depicted on this page, just press the "button" concerned to view their specifications. As you will see we have two Beagle Pup 150's and a BAE Bulldog. Their superb condition speaks for themselves, young aircraft with young engines, well kept and waiting for you! What is more our Super-Group arrangement operates regardless of where your aircraft is located.

Each machine is a real pilot's aeroplane with light and responsive controls - in fact, they are Best of British!

To discover more about this unbelievably cost effective & friendly Super-group please call me on 01285 851 311.

Wishing you safe & enjoyable flying.

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