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Our aircraft

Scottish Aviation Bulldog 120-122A

Constructors No: BH 120-373

Lycoming IO.360
200HP fuel injected

Hartzell - constant speed

Garmin 430 GPS
2 xVHF Radio

Certificate of Airworthiness:
Transport category

Fully Aerobatic +6G -4G

Our aircraft: Scottish Aviation Bulldog SA120
Scottish Aviation Bulldog SA120
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Formerly serving in the Ghanaian Air Force our Bulldog returned to the UK having flown no more than 500 hrs! It remains one of the lowest houred Bulldogs on the register and now possesses a completely modernised instrument panel, including a Garmin 430 GPS system.

Bulldog design origins emanated from the historic Miles Aircraft Company when they became part of Beagles at Shoreham in the 1960s and created the Beagle Pup 150. At the request of the RAF, a Pup 150 similar to ours, was rebuilt and became the Bulldog prototype! Hence both machines are intimately related and possess closely matching performances. The Bulldog being beefier than the Pup with a bubble canopy and a 200 hp variable pitch propeller engine.

Capable of 1100ft/min rate of climb, Bulldogs are fully aerobatic with beautifully harmonised controls. Without doubt ours is one of the finest of the breed!

The aircraft illustrated now operates at Kemble - Cotswold Airport - in the Cotswolds, alongside our Beagle Pup 150 G-TSKY.

Should you be wishing to acquire an interest in one of these splendid machines, our Bulldog owners group still has one final share available!

Whatever your interest, why not call us for a trial sortie?


  • The power plant is a Lycoming IO-360 fuel injected engine which utilizes a Christian Oil Collector for inverted flight.
  • The engine develops 200bhp.
  • The aircraft's range is around 452 nautical mies when cruising at 120 knots.

The CFI's air race results: The King's Cup

  • Winner, August 2005, Pup 150, Shobon Airfield, Roger Hayes
  • Runner-up, Sept 2002, Bulldog, Leicester Aerodrome, Roger Hayes
  • Winner, Sept 1999, Bulldog, Leicester Aerodrome, Roger Hayes
  • Winner, 4th Sept 1993, Bulldog, Leicester Aerodrome, Speed 144.67mph, Roger Hayes
  • Runner-up, Sept 1991, Bulldog, Leicester Aerodrome, Roger Hayes
  • Winner, Sept 1989, Pup 150, Leicester Aerodrome, Roger Hayes