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CFI Roger Hayes
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Welcome to SkysportUK!

Today we can offer PPL Flight Training & Licence Renewals; Beagle Pup 150 & Bulldog Type conversions plus a variety of options from our brand new ELITE- Advanced Training Programme which includes-

  1. Advanced General Handling Skills
  2. Royal Aero Club RRRA Air Race Training Course
  3. Formation Flying &
  4. Advanced Refresher Navigational Training
  5. Culminating with an ELITE Pilots Certificate for your Records
  6. Find out about the Advanced Training Program

Flying Start Membership Voucher


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Just take a look at our LOOPtv FIVE STAR rated Video

Finest value flight training

SkysportUK has three highly competitive Membership Plans ranging from BRONZE through SILVER to GOLD-STAR. Whilst our BRONZE plan gives great value on its own. Pilots choosing either SILVER & GOLD-STAR options, will see their flight costs become cheaper the more they fly, spreading outgoings over a full year rather than just the summer months. These represent terrific value, especially for hour builders who wish to fly real classic aeroplanes.

Ours is a dedicated personal service & with the very best of British aircraft.

WARNING: Once flown, Beagle Pups do become addictive!

SkysportUK - Flying Club
2015 Flying Start Discount Voucher

We have great pleasure offering this Discount Voucher to help you get your flying in 2015 "Off to a Flying Start"! Whether a qualified or student pilot, this is intended to help you experience or train on our marvellous Beagle Pup 150 & Bulldog aircraft at prices which are already amazingly lower than any other locally similar 150-200hp flying machines!

The Skysport UK

Flying Start Membership Voucher

Valid for our Flying Start Package only at Cotswold (Kemble) Airport & North Weald Airfield

FLYING START Membership Procedure: All you have to do is select which package is needed & join us in 2015. To clarify queries and initiate membership arrangements please call Roger Hayes on 01285 851 311 or email on roger@skysport–

NB Should the flying instructor time* requirement vary from that shown above, suitable allowance will be made. See our website for further information & current flying prices. This offer is for new joining members only.